About me

Started making photos and videos for fun and with passion and took it further by attending photography school in Mexico City’s, Escuela activa de fotografía.

Now I have moved to Coloma, California, home of the gold rush discovery. Here I have found a 2nd home, where I met my wife and where I’m setting up my business.

Knowing I had the need to communicate beyond words (but those for sure help) i studied Sciences of communication as college major. In the meantime I was already taking projects for local Civil Associations developing documentary photo and video.

College was great but I took it even further by attending cinema production workshops, to go deeper into the rabbit hole.

My experience in producing goes from assisting and producing commercial photo shoots, documenting social and cultural events for civil associations, starting up an art development workshop, producing plastic art and exhibitions, building sets and props for movies, assisting cameras, lighting and video tech, working with the government to close the main central street in México city to set up an official sports event commemorating the 100 years of the Mexican revolution, documenting the mightiest run in human history for the “Pat Farmer. Pole to pole run” from North Pole to South Pole, taking part on the creative producing team for one of the biggest reality tv shows in the USA “Bachelor in Paradise” (all 6 seasons).

In the middle of developing diverse projects in the production industry I went on my way to pursue my vision of adventure traveling.

This other side of my story started with a family trip in 1995 to Jalcomulco, home of the rafting experience in Mexico. When I finished high school in 1999 I trained to become a river rafting guide with well known Mexico Verde Expediciones. One of the biggest companies in the country dedicated to adventure traveling.

I have been rafting, kayaking and training for outdoor rescue situations in rivers from Canada to Chile since the year 2000, working and sharing the love for the whitewater with some of the best.

All that lead me to start producing adventure experiences, combining my years on the outdoor and the media industries.

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